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Spring 2021

The Orchard continues to welcome visitors, -enjoy your visit but please observe current social distancing rules.

Primula ‘Wanda’ - a vibrant patch of colour in the hot border.

Soldanella Carpatica in the trough by the Old Privy , - see this Alpine snowbell

Without the need for foreign travel!

Primula denticulata, or drumstick primrose, appearing from its cosy, well-mulched bed.

Daffodils and a welcome shaft of sunlight in the woodland border

The delicate pink flowers of Bergenia or Elephant’s ears, - thriving in the shady north border.

Anemone blanda or Grecian windflower, hiding among the tulipa

New blooms

There’s plenty to see as the garden wakes up. Thanks to garden stalwart Eileen for these lovely photos.